Second Thoughts


Amateur drama made to promote the work of a Methodist Association youth club at Market Harborough in Leicestershire.





Film type:

Colour / Silent



Master format:



The film opens with shots inside a café showing young people drinking cola and dancing. Two teenage boys stand next to a juke box (an AMI Continental). When they run out of coins they leave the café. Next the two boys secretly enter a church and inside they find the collection box and pocket the money inside. Making their escape they seek refuge in a Methodist Association Youth Club and arrive just as a film screening is beginning. The film they sit down to watch is called 'Our Club' and shows people getting off a coach close to Weston House (run by Nottingham Education Committee) and then views of young people trying out archery, hockey and canoeing. We then see a town crier announcing a carnival followed by views of young men dressed as St Trinian's characters on a decorated float. Back in the youth group we see the two boys from earlier meeting fellow club goers and playing table tennis. Other youth club members play draughts and billiards. Finally the pair join a Christian religious class and then return to the church and put back the stolen money.


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