Mablethorpe Family Holidays and Leicester Scenes


Home movie including family holidays to Mablethorpe, a drive through Lincoln and special ocasions in Leicester during the late 1940s.





Film type:

B&W/Colour / Silent


Home Movie

Master format:



B/w fragment of a carnival and shots of grapes in a green house. Torrential rain on a residential street. Two people standing in front of greenhouse and then further views of grapes growing inside. Family outing with group sitting on blankets next to parked car and shot of woman dozing inside car. Seaside with donkey rides and merry-go-round. (looks like Skegness), group boarding a small boat. View of stage show on beach - a knockabout farce.

We then see the family on a different beach (probably Mablethorpe) including a woman and young boy walking through the town. More donkey rides for adults and playing on the beach with a dog. Various people pose for the camera including a group next to a car on a street. Several people standing for the camera and laughing. A bride, groom and wedding guests standing outside.

Colour views (the only ones on the reel) of a royal motorcade passing the camera on a street in Leicester. Dark scenes of the car stopping and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth getting out. This is their visit to the city on 30 October 1946. We continue in colour with a man and woman and small boy standing on a doorstep. Then people standing for the camera outside the green house seen earlier.

Returning to b/w we see more Mablethorpe holiday scenes with the family on the beach (wearing coats this time) followed by and a short sequence inside a shop (looks like a newsagent's). We then see a car parked on the A46 at Flintham in Nottinghamshire (camouflaged buildings in the background are likely to be RAF Syerston).

We then see a woman with dog walking on break-water. A man sitting in parked car with caravan attached (A606/A46 junction). Point of view from moving car driving into Lincoln (some shots obscured by dashboard and a couple of stops to stand with the car). View of the caravan now parked followed by men walking on a beach and paddling with trousers rolled up.

We then briefly see members of the Leicester City football team in an open top bus travelling through Leicester after losing the FA Cup Final in May 1949.

Back on beach more adults paddling and people sitting in deck chairs with beach huts behind and drinking tea - two women joking with a bottle of spirits. Guest arriving for a wedding culminating in the bride getting out of a car. Newly-weds with guests pose for the camera followed by various family groupings. Brief shot of couple at reception with cake.


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