Leicester Poor Boys' and Girls' Summer Camp at Mablethorpe


An appeal for money to send poor children from Leicester on holiday to Mablethorpe by the Leicester Poor Boys' and Girls' Summer Camp and Institute.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent




Picture House Topical

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Opening captions explain how every year six hundred children visit the sea. The film follows the first contingent beginning with shots of a long line of children outside the Great Northern Railway Station on Belgrave Road in Leicester. They are accompanied by dignitaries and we then see their steam hauled train leaving the station with the children waving from the carriages with handkerchiefs. At Mablethorpe we see the opening ceremony for the holiday camp which includes speeches delivered by the President of the Institute Sir Samuel Faire and the Mayor of Leicester Alderman Jabez Chaplin.

After the opening, a long shot filmed from the dunes shows the children running onto the beach. We then see the exterior and interior of the girls' dormitory (with the girls making their beds) followed by an exterior shot of the boys' accommodation showing its close proximity to the beach as they again run onto the sand. After a brief shot of boys carrying milk churns we see the children sitting down in the dining hall. Next they run from the huts in a fire drill followed by an open air Sunday school and hymn singing on the beach ('There's Friend for Little Children' according to the inter-titles). The film ends with captions appealing for donations to the charity.


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The opening ceremony was filmed on Saturday 15 May 1920 and was a special occasion because it was the re-opening of the camp which had been closed for the duration of the war.