Left Right and Centre: 26.06.1978: Alternative Press


Peter Plant looks at the alternative press who aim to compete with local newspapers in providing a true community news service.





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Colour / Sound



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Views of garden centre run by Gordon Phillips at Harborne. Inside we see Phillips and his staff working on the latest edition of the monthly Harborne and Quinton Review. Phillips talks about the types of local news offered by his paper. We then see Phillips and a photographer visiting local newsagent Denzel Holland who is appearing in the paper because of a plan to redevelop the area that could see him lose his shop.

Next in Leicestershire we see a paper boy delivering the Blaby Courier. We see production of the paper in the office of a local solicitor and see a reporter in a shopping precinct in Blaby talking to a woman who has been tied to a post because she is due to be married.

The next newspaper covered is the Nottingham Voice. Journalists Michael Brown and Nigel Lee are interviewed in their office and they talk about their more radically political agenda compared to the Nottingham Evening Post. We then follow Brown as he talks to a man who was recently involved in scuffles with the police in a story in which it is suggested that the police were heavy handed.

Finally we see the office of Birmingham Broadside, a Private Eye style magazine published from a house in Handsworth that has a strong pro-trade union style. We join a journalist from the Broadside visiting a Lucas shop steward at home and talking to him about a recent trade union election.


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