Keresley: A Village and a Strike (Part One)


Keresley is a village split down the middle by the miners strike. Part one of this film shows the miners and their families before Christmas when they were still full of confidence of a victory.





Film type:

Colour / Sound




Central Television

Master format:

1 Inch Type C


The first part of this two part film takes place in December 1984. Keresley village is split between miners who are on strike and those who have continued to work and are keeping the colliery operating. The story is told solely from the side of the striking miners. Several miners and one wife of a miner are interviewed and captioned.

The interviewees are: Nevin Bell; Pat Purdy; Jim Coyle; Vanda Evans; Dennis Evans; and Clive Ham.

We see shots of Keresley village and the turning pit head wheel.

Striking miners are seen standing outside the colliery on picket duty around a brazier.

The wives of miners are shown cooking and later in the film holding a fund raising event in which they read poems and perform a satirical play.

Jim Coyle is shown packing food and delivering it to the Evans family and we also see a strike meeting.

Fire wood is shown being delivered to the picket line as two police officers stand guard at the gates of Keresley Colliery.

A caption at the end states that Nevin Bell and Dennis Evans have since been dismissed from the National Coal Board.


Researcher: Alita Naughton
Camera: Ian Hollands
Sound: Barry Pritchard; Colin Martin
Production Assistant: Patsy Wood
Editor: Nigel Mercer
Producer: Jim Manson
Director: Julian Ware


Production number 5925/85.

Transmission of part one was followed immediately by part two.

Keresley Colliery closed in 1991, reopened in 1994 and then finally closed in 1996.