Jubilee Arts: Sandwell May Day Fireshow; Version 2

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A multimedia community celebration at Victoria Park, Smethwick.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:

U-matic Lo band


Brief clip of rehearsal material at head - teenage girls are coached in their acting skills

Title: Sandwell May Day Fireshow

Fireworks. Marching band, parade congregating on the playing field. Bands of kids dressed in costumes dance along to the music. Huge green monster appears and lumbers across the field (bit like a chinese dragon) Bonfires. Teenagers holding firebrands confront the beast. Fireworks. Breakdancers. Green monster in flames


A joint project
Jubilee Community Arts & Cultural Partnerships

Participants Included
Windmill Community Centre
Community Association of West Smethwick
Greets Green Group & Farley Social Group
West Smethwick Bhangra Group
Smethwick Crazy Spades
Jubilee & CPL

Thanks to West Midlands Arts
Sandwell Rec & Amenities Dept. & Direct Workers Debt.