Iceland and Norway, July 1932


Home movie record shot by a Birmingham film-maker of a cruise by Blue Star Lines to Iceland and Norway during July 1932.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Home Movie

Master format:



Views taken from the Blue Star Line SS Arandora Star of the coastline of Iceland followed by Spitzbergen and then along the coast of Norway including views of Hammerfest. The passengers go onto land several times although it is hard to identify exactly where. We see a small town, a man holding a chick in his hand, husky dogs behind a fence and towards the end of the reel a reindeer herd. There are sections showing views on the deck of the ship with passengers playing deck tennis and quoits. We also see an iceberg, a fishing boat and the tourists in small boats heading towards land in a Norwegian bay. We also see a train arriving at Haugastol station in Norway during one of these excursions.


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The Arandora Star was sunk in the Atlantic in 1940 by a German submarine with a loss of over 800 lives. At the time the ship was transporting mainly interred Germans and Italians.