Harris: Britannic Deck Games 1934


Home movie showing people playing games and exercising on board the MV Britannic cruise ship. Filmed by Mr. J. C. Harris of Birmingham.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Home Movie

Master format:



The film begins with views taken from the deck of the ship leaving Liverpool. We then cut to the on-board gymnasium where we see passengers trying out some of the equipment including a vibrating belt, exercise bike, mechanical horse and throwing a medicine ball. Next on the ship's deck we see members of the crew wearing life jackets as part of a drill. We then see general views of passengers on the deck either relaxing on recliners or standing chatting in groups.

Some of the passengers look at a gambling tote board and a group of men play quoits and women play a game involving dice and wooden cut-outs of horses and other passengers play shuffleboard. Following this some of the passengers watch men in a boxing bout and then two blind-folded women box. Another game played by people involves two players lying on a duvet blind-folded. Both players take it in turn to hit the other using a fabric covered stick. We also see a group of men in a small paddling pool.


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