Format V: 08.02.1979: A Sad Day For Bilston


John McLeod reports on the proposed closure of Bilston steel works near Wolverhampton.





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Colour / Sound



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Views of Bilston steel works in snow and tracking shot from a car driving through the town centre. Library pictures of blast furnace 'Elizabeth' which was mothballed in November 1977 at which point the Bilston plant started to lose money because iron had to be brought in for steel production rather than made on site. 2,300 jobs are at risk if the plant closes. Interview with former union official Harold Elwell who describes a visit by Charles Villiers, the Chairman of British Steel, who promised work into the 1980s. We also see and hear from crane driver Frank Farrell, Dennis Turner who chairs the joint liaison committee, John Pennington of British Steel, and Brian Simkiss who is a rolling mill worker who is seen at home with his family. A group of retired workers reminisce in the local social club about their time at Bilston. There are also views of East Moors in Cardiff which recently lost its steel works leading to a general decline of the area. The film ends with a montage of shots as a choir sings 'the carnival is over'.


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