Cross: Fire Brigade and Northampton Carnival


Cross family home movie that includes a fire brigade demonstration and a carnival in Northampton.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Home Movie

Master format:



The reel opens with a series of titles (likely to relate to other films in the Cross family collection): 'My trip to Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia'; A Caravan Holiday in Wales and Skegness'; and 'Castle Ashby Shoot 1930'. No footage relating to any of those titles appears in this reel.

We then see a group of men playing golf followed by an elaborate outdoor picnic and then further golf scenes including putting on a lawn and the men joking for the camera. We then cut to a caravan parked next to a river and views of people swimming in the river from a punt.

Next we see a fire brigade demonstration on a sports field in which fire officers are seen unrolling hoses at speed (we don't see any water being sprayed). We then see people taking part in the Northampton carnival (thought to be 1932) posing for the camera wearing carnival costumes alongside decorated bicycles. This is followed by a carnival parade in Northampton which includes views of the cyclists and several decorated lorries (the carnival is in aid of the General Hospital). Most shots show the parade passing close to the camera but there are brief views identifiable as Gold Street.

We then see a man and woman in bathing costumes sitting in a garden pond. The reel ends with short sequences showing an amateur football match, bowls and finally fruit picking.


No credits specified


The Northampton Carnival took place on 11 July 1932 although it is not absolutely confirmed that this is the year that we have here.