Central News: 01.01.1982: News Gathering


Central Independent Television at work. Wendy Nelson explains how a news item is gathered at source and finally transmitted as an item on Central News.





Film type:

Colour / Sound


Central Television

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We open with a view of the Angel Hotel. Inside journalist Alan Jones is chatting to the landlord about a 'snow cat' vehicle which is used by the Civil Aviation Authority tracking beacon at nearby Clee Hill. Jones phones his story through to the news desk of Central News via a call-box. We then see the editors’ morning conference in Birmingham where Doug Carnegie is assigned to the story. An ENG (Electronic News Gathering) crew is contacted on the road and despatch to Clee Hill. They are seen shooting the story with Doug. Their tape is taken by a despatch rider to a mobile transmitter. Back in Birmingham we see the pictures being received and then Bob Warman in the studio begins his link to the piece as we cut back to the director in the gallery queuing the pictures. (+ 3 minutes mute trims which also include brief shots not filmed on this day including interiors of the news room, a different despatch rider, and 16mm film being spliced).


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