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New York graffiti artist Brim and DJ Afrika Bambaataa on a visit to Britain where they attempt to forge links with the UK hip-hop, break dance and graffiti art subcultures.





Film type:

Colour / Sound




Central Television

Master format:

1 Inch Type C


We open with shots of trains covered in graffiti in New York intercut with the artist Brim Fuentes rapping and night shots showing the underground and illegal nature of the art scene in the city.

The next section is captioned March 1985 and shows Brim and the musician Afrika Bambaataa in the Bronx discussing a proposed UK visit where they will spread the word about New York music and art scene. Extract from an interview with Brim by Henry Kelly on TV-AM and scenes showing Brim meeting Jane New, press officer at the Shaw Theatre in London who is organising his media appearances. Jean Davenport, the theatre's assistant director is also present. We then see Brim and other American musicians leading a hip hop workshop in London. The visit interests the many sections of the media and Brim is also seen talking to (the American) ABC News for an item about a graffiti mural he is producing on a wall at a railway station in London. Clips from the ABC item are also used. We then follow Brim as he lectures at Ruskin College in Oxford and holds a masterclass at Byam Shaw School of Art in London. Next we see him at Pinewood Studios talking to the film director Michael Winner who has commissioned Brim to provide authentic street art for the set. Brim is initially reluctant due to the crime stereotype. The interview is inter-cut with extracts from the feature film.

The first part of the film ends with a well-received performance at the Shaw Theatre from Afrika Bambaataa, Brim and other hip hop musicians and break dancers.

Part two begins with Brim and Bio (Wilfredo Feliciano) going to Wolverhampton by train to meet Goldie. A montage shows the Wolverhampton and Birmingham hip hop, dance (The B-Boys) and graffiti scene. Goldie talks to Brim and Bio about their experiences. We then see Goldie, Brim, 3D (Robert Del Naja) and other artists creating art in Birmingham city centre for a council run project. They also chat to local mural artists Dave Patten and Steve Field about their methods.

3D and Brim then go to Heath Town and Goldie shows them his art on the estate and the group hold a party where 3D raps with the Wild Bunch. The event is broken up by the police.

Next Brim goes to Handsworth in Birmingham shortly after September 1985 riots. He talks to a group of young men and listens to a street rap from Cash Money and the Wise Guyz which is inter-cut with news footage of the rioting and Douglas Hurd's visit. Brim and Cash Money try to talk to the police officers guarding the area that was badly damaged in the riot without success.

The following section is captioned September 1985 and shows Brim back in the Bronx chatting to Afrika Bambaataa about the success of their visit and the future. This is followed by scenes shot in August 1986 showing Goldie and a friend on a visit to New York. The pair ride the subway to the Bronx and are reunited with Brim and Afrika Bambaataa.

Back in Wolverhampton (captioned March 1987) Goldie and his group watch a news report on the death of Clinton McCurbin who died in Wolverhampton of asphyxia in police custody. We also see a protest march about the death. The final section shows Goldie walking through the Heath Town estate as he remains positive about the power of street art to bring people together.


With Thanks:
Lippy (Nuff Respect), Ivan Wekes and Heathtown Community Centre, The B Boys and Martin Jones Management, Polly Hudson and Mrs Laura Burns, Bill Breakwell, Nicholls Paints (Walsall)
The Krew and Tabernacle Community Centre, The Wild Bunch, Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver, Bob Keller and ABC News, Paul Butler and the Byam Shaw School of Art
Dr Joseph Rykwert, Tommy Boy Records and The Zulu Nation
Music: David Toop
"Bombin'", Brim, Bronx Style Bob, David Toop
"Funk You" Afrika Bambaataa and Family
Graphics: Goldie
Opening Sequence Idea: Robert Del Naja
Advisors: Afrika Bambaataa, Dan Fontaine
Camera: Kim Longinotto, Nick Fry, Bobby Shepard (NY)
Production Assistants: Polly MacDonald, Gill Fickling
Recording: Ellie Burridge, Diana Ruston, Barbara Becker (NY)
Sound Mixer: Colin Martin
Film Editor: David Leighton
Assistant Editor: Sue Kennett
Video Tape Editors: Grant Watters, Dave Richardson
Producers: Gus Coral, Pat Hartley
Executive Producers: Jim Berrow, Nick Hart-Williams
Director: Dick Fontaine


Central Television production number 6679/87. This film was first transmitted by Channel 4 on 28 January 1988.