ATV Today: 29.03.1979: Corby Steel Works

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Terry Lloyd interviews Guy Barnett MP and a group of workers about the proposed closure of Corby steel works. Item also includes trims of the plant and town.





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We see the exterior of Corby steel works and shots of the town centre on a wet day.

Interview with Labour MP Guy Barnett speaking on behalf of the government about the proposed closure of Corby steel works and the government agencies who will aid the people of Corby. His interview is cut with a separate interview with a group of steel workers standing outside. They talk about the social consequences of the closure on the town of Corby and want British Steel to retain iron and steel production in Corby.

After the interviews there are more shots of the exterior of Corby steel works, the town and the exteriors of the Corby Civic Theatre and Corby District Council headquarters. - These shots are trims.


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