ATV Today: 27.11.1969: UFO Sightings at Stoke on Trent


Gwyn Richards reports from the Bentilee housing estate in Stoke on Trent about an alleged UFO landing two years ago.





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Gwyn Richards piece to camera on the Bentilee estate in Stoke on Trent talking about the UFO that was seen on the night of 2 September 1967. View of Newchapel Observatory in Staffordshire. Richards talks to UFO investigators Roger Stanway and Tony Pace who are based at Newchapel and have looked into the alleged incident. Back at Bentilee Richards talks to eyewitnesses Mrs Bowen and Mrs Stephenson who describe seeing a red glow and a craft that landed on open land next to the estate. Richards then talks to a group of boys including Malcolm Bowen who also witnessed the landing. He then talks to a policeman. Roger Stanway reveals that he has taken his findings to the MOD who have confirmed that something happened on the estate on that night. The report ends with Richards telephoning Manchester Airport from a public call-box to report his own sighting of a strange craft in Derbyshire.


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