ATV Today: 26.02.1980: Heart Transplant: Paul Coffey

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Heart Transplant - 23 year old male nurse Paul Coffey becomes Britain's thirteenth heart transplant patient when he was given the heart of a woman who had died in a car crash, by surgeons at Papworth Hospital. Interview with Susan Coffey re her reactions





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to her husband's operation and how Paul looked when she had been allowed to see him briefly. Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coffey re their feelings at the new lease of life for their son and their feelings of deep gratitude to the family of the donor. Interview with Derek Johnson, New Cross Hospital Chaplain and with Senior Nursing Officer, Marjorie Tyler, re their hopes that Paul Coffey will be well enough to resume his career in the future.
Plus trims.

Est. shots of the Princess Cardia Unit at the East Birmingham Hospital.
C/U filmed still of Paul and Susan Coffey on their wedding day.
Est. shots Papworth Hospital.
G/V's of the block of flats where Susan and Paul live in Wolverhampton.
Est. shots New Cross Hospital where Paul works as a charge nurse in the Psychiatric Unit.


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