ATV Today: 05.06.1975: Witley Court


Bob Warman visits the ruins of Witley Court at Great Witley in Worcestershire which was once the seat of the great Dudley family.





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Colour / Sound



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Views of Witley Court which is in a poor condition after years of neglect. B/w stills of the house in its glory years and a b/w still of a fire which caused damage in 1937. Interview with Ben Cooper, man-servant to the last owner, Sir Herbert Smith, who recalls the time of the fire which destroyed part of the court, although he claims that it was not as bad as many people believe, and looks back to life at the court. Views of the baroque Great Witley parish church which is in better condition. Bob Warman piece to camera leafing through the catalogue of furniture for sale from the Court when the items were sold off in 1938 and quotes some of the remarkable prices. Bill Padoe recalls the time of the sale of the items from Witley Court and blames its demise on the subsequent owners who stripped things like the lead roof.


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