ATV Today: 02.12.1968: Double Zero Club


The activities of the Double Zero motorcycle club, a Christian group who operate from St Basil's Church at Deritend in Birmingham.





Film type:

Black & White / Sound



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We see groups of bikers assembling at night (one wearing a Hells Angels jacket) with their British motorcycles and inside a club where they chat and play pinball. These scenes are inter-cut with a series of vox pops in Birmingham asking (older people) about today's young people. Their answers are in the main negative 'they do such dreadful things'. Exterior shots of St Basil's Church. Library pictures of Jeff Smith launching the Double Zero club with a speech in 1966.

We then see members of the club riding their bikes cut with more negative vox pops about the education and idleness of young people 'no character or backbone' and we see various club members at work including a man working as a mechanic on a car engine, another in the warehouse of HP Foods, a woman working in a factory assembling electrical components, a young man using a lathe and a group of medical students. The next section shows members of the club looking at a new altar cloth for the church with Reverend David Collyer (library pictures from 5 July 1967?) We then see the Double Zero club laying on a guard of honour at a member's wedding (bride and groom leave the church in a motorcycle and sidecar) and finally scenes filmed from the pilion seat of a motorcycle riding through traffic and ending at a blood transfussion centre.


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