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A video made by Jubilee Arts in which young people from the Noose Lane arts project in Walsall talk to camera in a series of 'vox pops'.





Film type:

Colour / Sound




Jubilee Arts

Master format:

U-matic Hi band


Six teenage girls and one teenage boy appearing separately in a series of vox pop style comments give their opinions on the following:
Girls are tough?; My family; My best friend; What do you do with your spare time? Education; My best holiday! Boys are tough? Tell us about your brothers and sisters; What’s your favourite pop group? What do you like about fashion? How much do you have to spend and what do you spend it on?


Extracts from some video work during the Noose Lane Arts Project
The project involved:
Noose Lane J.M.I. Community School
Jubilee Community Arts
Park Community Association

Made by
Sharon Tanks
Leaann Hateley
Deon Brittle
Eve Singh
Glen Duggy
Tina Brittle
Emma Parton
with Jubilee Arts

The project was funded by
West Midlands Arts
Walsall Education Dept.


Reference Copy: Tape 52 Master Copy
Submaster Copy: Tape 45.