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277 Results : Family

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[1920s Picnic Scenes] [1920s Picnic Scenes] 1925Amateur film of a family group having a picnic by a parked car.00:00:41
[Potteries Wakes - Monday, August 1st 1927] [Potteries Wakes - Monday, August 1st 1927] 1927Film of a fair held during the fortnight holiday or 'Wakes' in Stoke on Trent.00:03:45
[Whitford: Playground Scenes] [Whitford: Playground Scenes] 1930Home movies filmed by Mr Whitford of Dudley.00:12:00
[Vann: Family Holiday] [Vann: Family Holiday] 1930Home movie of clips of holidays and family members. Filmed by James Vann from Leicester.00:02:00
[Vann: Connie's Wedding] [Vann: Connie's Wedding] 1930Home movie of family wedding filmed by James Vann from Leicester.00:01:50
[Vann: Wedding and Seaside Holiday] [Vann: Wedding and Seaside Holiday] 1930Home movie of a holiday taken by the Vann family from Leicester.00:08:00
With The Family In Cornwall With The Family In Cornwall 1930J.R. Stafford home movie of family holiday in Cornwall.00:24:00
[Stafford: Family Holidays] [Stafford: Family Holidays] 1930Short home movies of family holidays taken in the UK.00:16:00
[Bolton: Family Events] [Bolton: Family Events] 1930Home movie of family events and a wedding.00:12:00
[Bolton: Weddings] [Bolton: Weddings] 1930A series of weddings featuring members of the Bolton family from Leicester.00:12:00
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