Target: Midlands - Living with the Cold War Bomb

Running Time: 31 Mins

Format: 1 Disc, DVD       

Ratio: 4:3


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Cold War fear and the threat of nuclear obliteration as seen in the Midlands in a compilation curated by the Media Archive for Central England (MACE). From RAF crews at Cottesmore practicing their quick response drill with nuclear equipped Vulcan bombers to the Cannock family who spent two weeks in a bomb shelter and the Shropshire village that claimed to be the most prepared of all.

Important Notes: This title does not have optional Subtitles. This DVD is made to order. A file is burnt to disc in our technical suite when it is purchased. Waiting time for the DVD can therefore be up to 2 weeks. This compilation has been shown on Vimeo as part of MACE's New Way of Seeing project.