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Download to Own - ATV Today: 10.01.1975: ATV Vintage Car

Download to Own - ATV Today: 10.01.1975: ATV Vintage CarDownload to Own - ATV Today: 10.01.1975: ATV Vintage Car

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Film Description

A 22 minute compilation of ATV Today films presented by Bev Smith showing the work to restore the ATV Vintage Car, a 1927 Morris Oxford which they named 'Harriet'. The car was restored from October 1973 February 1974.

The compilation of films which were broadcast on 10th January 1975 are bookended by an introduction and wrap up where Bev Smith shows off the fully restored vehicle.

The compilation of films start with the search for a suitable vintage model using the dealers Harry Hadley at Brownhills in October 1973 in which Bev Smith reveals the car and explains it will be restored by apprentices at the Austin Morris Group at Longbridge. The apprentices prepare the car for transport to the plant in an AA recovery vehicle, removing the engine before it is transported.

The compilation then cuts to a film originally broadcast on 10th December 1973 where the apprentices have disassembled the car into all its components which are neatly displayed in the workshop for the camera. Head apprentice Mike Donovan explains that they have all the major components but they are short of trim parts such as door handles and the front bumper. External panels will be replaced by new ones and rusty panels will be repaired. The chassis is being stripped off completely to be bead blasted to remove every bit of rust that is on it and it will be painted with self-etching primer. Mike explains that some components will have to be made such a new stud for the engine. There are then shots of new components being produced on machinery at the plant. There is a brief appearance by Ivor Greening with Mike Donovan.

The film then moves to January 1974 and an interview with Dave Cornellison, now Head Apprentice, who talks about the car's braking system, the bodywork and the engine.There is also an interview with Mike Donovan who is leaving the team to complete his apprenticeship at university.The car has now been painted light blue.

We then move to February 1974 and an interview with John Grant who is working on the upholstery. There are  strong shots of the upholstery being produced at Austin Morris. Bev Smith explains that they are also making the side panels, door panels and hood trim. There are also shots of the upholstery being fitted into the car.

The film ends with Bev Smith driving the car and explaining the restoration work that has been carried out. He explains that the radiator is pure nickel (worth around £50 in 1975) and the lights have been nickel plated. He looks under the bonnet and shows that quite a bit of work has been done on the 2 litre, 1600cc red engine to restore it to its original condition (using original parts). He explains the fuel feed – pressure not pump - and shows the dashboard with clock and two  horns, the real leather upholstery and points out that the car has been carpeted. He then introduces one of the original owners of the car, Bob Wallcroft who bought the car in 1937 for £17. Mr and Mrs Wallcroft go for a ride in the car with Bev Smith.

    Duration:  21 mins 53 seconds
Colour / Sound
Ratio: 4:3
Sorry, there are no subtitles available for the hard of hearing at present

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