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Uploading Video Clips to Our Online Catalogue

Digitising Film and Tape

The majority of MACE's catalogue is still held on film. This is why you will see that many titles do not have associated video clips online.

In order to upload clips to the website they need to be digitised from the original film.

MACE has a transfer suite which can digitise Standard and Super 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film (as well as many tape formats). Digitising footage is a long and expensive process and titles are only transferred from film to a digital format when:

  • We undertake a funded project (e.g Heritage Lottery Fund).
  • A member of the public orders a film on DVD (our Bespoke DVD Service).
  • A not for profit organisation orders footage for an exhibition, workshop or screening.
  • A television production orders material for broadcast. 

MACE can license material for commercial use subject to copyright clearance. Email Us for more information.

Download to Own titles

We have begun to make a number of titles available for download. These are files that have been digitised to MPEG4 and held on our server. In most cases they are longer and better quality than the video clips that are streamed online and are not watermarked. Visit Our Shop to browse the titles available.

For more information on accessing footage, see menu right, 'FIND OUT MORE' or click below to contact us.


MACE also sells a number of ready made DVDs, including our nine Midlands on Film DVDs and two highly acclaimed midlands TV history DVDs including the award winning From Headlines to Tight-Lines - The Story of ATV Today.