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Just Giving Donations - Supporting What We Do

Did you know that MACE is a charity?

If every new visitor to our website donated just a £2 to MACE we would receive donations £400 - £600 a day, enough funds to embark on a film digitisation or community project.

As registered charity, MACE exists to preserve the moving images of the East and West Midlands and provide affordable public access to this material through our website, public screenings, exhibitions and education & community projects across the 12 counties of the Midlands.

Why is this important?

When we visit a stately home and immerse ourselves in a different time, or drive through a town rich in history and admire the architecture, we would think it unimaginable to allow these buildings to fall into decay. But of course there are safe guards in place for buildings of significance to ensure they are not destroyed or changed beyond recognition.

Moving images are just as much a part of our heritage. They tell a rich story of social history, reflecting cultural shifts and changes in fashions, sport, entertainment and public opinion helping us to understand who we are. And even though they are some of the most fragile of artifacts they are not necessarily regarded as being in need of protection. This is probably because film is still a relatively new phenomenon – only 115 years old – and our history stretches far, far further back than this.

But MACE exists to ensure that the rich culture and history of the Heart of England, as reflected through these fragile moving images, are uncovered and protected not just today, but for people in 100, 200, 300 years time. We can guess what the world was like before the movie camera was invented but we can’t really know. Let’s not run the risk of losing the opportunity to really know about the time since the camera was invented.

As well as preserving the material MACE aims to provide affordable access to the collections they preserve by:

  • Digitising footage and providing free access to video clips on our website.
  • Providing free, bookable viewing facilities at the University of Lincoln and at The Hive in Worcester.
  • Providing material at a subsidised rate to community screenings.
  • Providing material to museums, exhibitions, independent cinema screenings & performance.
  • Producing educational packages for schools, colleges and Higher Education.

This work not only offers the opportunity for individuals and communities to watch the films we preserve, it brings communities and families together, as they share memories and stories of the towns and villages they are proud to be part of, or of loved ones that are no longer with them who they have just seen on film for the first time in years. The response to our work can be incredibly personal and emotional. Through the work we do, we can literally change lives.

Why do we need donations?

MACE has been delivering successful projects every year since 2000. We have just been working with over 70 communities across the East and West Midlands in our Heritage Lottery Funded community film search project, Full Circle, and we have recently secured funding to digitise material we hold that is suffering from Vinegar Syndrome.

But we do need donations to continue our successful track record of caring for the footage we hold and providing access to this material.

If you’d like to donate to MACE and support the work we do for now and for future generations, simply click the JUST GIVING logo below and donate whatever you can afford.

If you’d like to tell us you have donated, so we can thank you in person, please email


Thanks to Vodafone and Just Giving, you can also donate to us by text message to 70070.

Simply text MACE10 with the amount you wish to donate.

E.g. to donate £10 text 'MACE10 £10' to 70070

 Thank you for reading, and for supporting us. We really do appreciate it.