Shrewsbury Corporation Film No.3


A compilation of events in Shrewsbury shot by Mr C.A. Loosemore. The reel concentrates on the city's celebrations for the Coronation of King George VI in 1937.





Film type:

B&W/Colour / Silent


Amateur Film

Master format:



The film alternates between black and white and colour throughout. It begins with the annual Good Friday football match between Ditherington pubs, the Comet and the Compasses in 1936, attended by the Mayor Charles Beddard and Councillor R. Tipton. We see the two sides gathered on the pitch and the Mayor starts the game (the kick off is taken by a well-dressed lady). This is followed by views of the crowd and the match including the players drinking beer at half time. Next we see the opening day at Severnside Bowling Club (late 1930s). The Mayor, Alderman Beddard (also Club President), is seen outside the club house enjoying a game of bowls with Mr. L. Holt, Frank Weston J.P. with members of the club looking on. The next sequence uses descriptive intertitles throughout. 'Coronation Day in Shrewsbury'. We see various scenes from Shrewsbury’s celebrations for the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on May 12th 1937 beginning with a carnival parade. An intertitle 'Castle Fields effort' is followed by more shots of the same parade showing floats and various groups on foot including the Meteor Jazz Band and children in fancy dress. This is followed by shots of decorations in New Park Road and Soho Terrace and shops decorated with flags and bunting in Pride Hill, Castle Street and Mardol. The next section shows an acrobatic display in Quarry Park with acrobats, a tightrope walker and a trapeze artist, followed by shots (in both B/W and colour) of little girls dancing, dressed in Scottish, Welsh and Irish national costume and sailor suits. We also see a different jazz band performing, a display of costumed characters (appear to be trade related as one is from CWS and two people wear large heads promoting Robbialac Paint) and the awarding of the prize to Miss Shrewsbury. We then see Miss Shrewsbury and her fellow contestants riding around the park on a float towed by a GWR lorry. This is followed by extended footage of the carnival procession with floats, bands and people on foot parading through the streets of Shrewsbury, including the Shrewsbury 1st American Tappers and floats entered by the Littleboro and the Maddox store in Pride Hill. A brief sequence shows (unconnected) footage of an ambulance outside the Royal Salop Infirmary and a stretcher case being taken out and being taken into the hospital. The reel ends with scenes from the celebrations for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June 1953. We see two highly decorated shops on the corner of Sheep Street (Shaw’s and Scott and Newman) and the flags of the Commonwealth flying from a large (unidentified) building in the square (Clive’s statue is visible in the foreground). This is followed by children's races at a street party and an outdoor concert show from a small stage.


No credits specified


The football match was played on Bridges Fields in Ditherington (now Mount Pleasant). The Royal Salop Infirmary, a Grade II listed building, later became the Parade Shopping Arcade. A title credit on Shrewsbury Corporation Film No. 1 names the film maker as Mr C.A. Loosemore.