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[ATV Today: 23.05.1980: Brian Clough and John McGovern]

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Date 1980
Duration 00:02:43
Film type Colour / Sound
Production Professional
Genre Television News
Company ATV

The 'little fat guy' was John Robertson who scored the only goal of the match.

Title details

Summary Gary Newbon interviews Brian Clough and John McGovern about next week's European Cup final between Nottingham Forest and Hamburg.
Description In the Nottingham Forest dressing room Gary Newbon interviews Forest's manager Brian Clough and captain John McGovern about their match against Hamburg in the European Cup final. They discuss the loss of Trevor Francis due to injury and admit that they haven't seen Hamburg play although they know Kevin Keegan and Manny Kaltz. Clough says: "we've got a little fat guy who'll turn him [Kaltz] inside out".
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Sport

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