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Venture [Programme 069]

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Summary information

About this archive
Date 1984
Duration 00:25:00
Film type Colour / Sound
Production Professional
Genre Television Magazine
Company Central Television

Production number 4551/84. Much background information has been written about the digitial mouse project and Central's involvement in a web piece from inventor Simon Goodwin who was in 1984 a student at Aston University.

Title details

Summary Business magazine series. This week: a Birmingham inventor whose plans for a 'digital mouse' were embargoed by the Ministry of Defence; and a look at the effectiveness of telephone selling.
Description Programme presented by John McLeod. The first film report investigates the story of the computer mouse that was invented in Birmingham by Simon Goodwin. When his firm sent off details of the invention to the patent office they received an official government letter threatening them with jail if they published it on grounds of national security. We see a spoof sequence of a 'spy' breaking into their office and photographing the plans. Interview with Simon Goodwin about his invention which it is hoped will replace the joystick in computer game use. Also interviews with commercial manager Graeme Kidd and patent agent, Bill Lally of Forrester Ketley & Co. The restrictions have since been lifted and we see Goodwin demonstrating his mouse. The next film report looks at a West Midlands ballroom dancing school that is using telephone marketing to target potential customers. We see telephone operators at work and meet several people who have joined the club: crane driver Jim Henry and his wife Iris; West Bromwich Building Society cashier, Jill Williams; and engineering lecturer Dr Morris Jevons. There are also interviews with the manager of the International Dance School, Lynn Thomas and Director Don Shea. We see students being taught how to dance in a group session and Jim and Iris Henry dancing at home. Finally outside the studio John McLeod previews the 1984 Motor Show with the only new Midlands car - the Reliant Scimitar SS1 sports car. Standing next to the car he interviews Ritchie Spenser, Manager of the Tamworth firm who describes some of the features of its fibreglass construction.
Credits Production Team: Keith Wootton; Geoffrey Negus; Gareth Jones; Jean Holdsworth<br />Film Camera: Geoff Lloyd; Peter Salkeld<br />Film Sound: Barry Pritchard; Mel Marr<br />Film Editor: John McCarthy<br />Directors: Donald Shingler; Norman Hull<br />Editor: John McLeod<br />Producer: Hector Stewart
Tags Industry, Scientific Development, Trade

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