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[Midland Montage: 14.01.1960: Stephanie Baird Murder]

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Summary information

About this archive
Date 1960
Duration 00:07:05
Film type Black & White / Silent
Production Professional
Genre Television News
Company ATV

Patrick Byrne was later arrested and in March 1960 found guilty of the murder of Stephanie Baird. The shots of the scene were originally broadcast on Midlands News 24 December 1959 (item 2202).

Title details

Summary The murder of Stephanie Baird at Edgbaston in December 1959.
Description Baird was murdered and decapitated at a YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) hostel on Wheeleys Road. Her killer was thought to have escaped by bus. Film is in three section. Section one: We see a bus at a stop, a sign for Wheeleys Road and the interior of the top deck of a bus. Section two: We see establishing shots of the YWCA (Edencroft); night shots of buses in the Edgbaston area; plain clothes police officers; street signs including Wheeleys Road; a group of people at a railway station (this may be witnesses being taken by train to Scotland Yard in London); newspaper presses running and a person holding a copy of the Birmingham Evening Despatch newspaper with a headline about the murder; police talking to press; and a woman dressed in Stephanie Baird's clothes. Section three: Cars arriving at a cemetery in Cheltenham for Stephanie Baird's funeral. The burial is screened from cameras.
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Crime, Law Enforcement, Transport

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