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[Smedley's Hydro - Bowls]

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Summary information

About this archive
Date 1925 (Circa)
Duration 00:05:09
Film type Black & White / Silent
Production Professional
Genre Local Topical
Company No Production Companies Specified

Smedley's Hydro was a water therapy centre at Matlock which operated until the 1950s. The site was then bought by Derbyshire County Council.

Title details

Summary Crown green bowls, tennis and golf being played in the grounds of Smedley's Hydro at Matlock in Derbyshire.
Description We see women and men playing crown green bowls in the grounds of Smedley's Hydro at Matlock. At the same location we then see people playing tennis and practising golf shots.
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Leisure Time Activities

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