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[Here and Now: 23.07.1981: Black Unemployment]

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Summary information

About this archive
Date 1981
Duration 00:20:25
Film type Colour / Sound
Production Professional
Genre Television Magazine
Company ATV

Film insert for Here and Now Programme 19. Programme tape not held. The studio element was an interview with the Minister of State for Employment Grey Gowrie.

Title details

Summary Zia Mohyeddin reports from Nottingham on the problem of unemployment amongst the young and the particular problems faced by black and Asian job seekers.
Description Zia Mohyeddin introduces the film with a piece to camera describing the current unemployment problems in the Midlands. We see views of the city of Nottingham from the castle and black and Asian young people on the street (some shots are cut to 'Get a Job' by The Beat). There are vox pops with young black job seekers about the problems they have faced and interviews conducted by Paula Ahluwalia and Geoffrey Negus with representatives from the DHSS, TUC, CBI and a local community leader. The work of the Youth Opportunities Programme organised by the Manpower Services Commission is described. This scheme is intended to bridge the gap between school and work. The effects of racism are also examined with more vox pops and an interview with David Purdy, author of 'Half a Chance', a report from the Nottingham Community Relations Council which found evidence of discrimination in the city.
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Age Distribution, Social Problems

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