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[Dale: Flood Scenes in Leominster and District]

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Summary information

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Date 1954
Duration 00:28:10
Film type Colour / Silent
Production Amateur
Genre Home Movie
Company No Production Companies Specified

The flooding seen in and around Leominster was a regular winter occurrence. The regular flooding continued until the 1960s when the Town Council diverted the Pinsley Brook away from the town centre.

Title details

Summary Floods in Leominster filmed over 27 and 28 November 1954 as well as similar scenes shot in June 1955 in the town.
Description The reel shows flooding in the Leominster area on 27 and 28 November 1954. It begins in colour showing flood water on Lower Bridge Street with children in the water. We then see the overflowing Cheese Brook at Sparey's Farm showing flooded land and a road with traffic passing through water. This is followed by views of Leominster town centre including more traffic and bicycles through the water and houses protected with sand bags. This is followed by views of Mill Street including flooding to the Dale business and traffic through water on Mill Street. We then see the overflow of a stream into Eyton Lane and the River Lugg at Coxall near Eyton. These scenes out of town show two of the Dale children walking along lanes and across farm land. This is followed by more rural scenes of flooding including Mrs Cox's at The Summergalls, the junction of Mill stream and the River Lugg, Crowards Mill weir, a stream alongside the Kington railway line and views of the north side of Leominster. The final section returns to colour and shows another flood shot on 5 and 9 June 1955 where we see very high water passing under the Kenwater Brige in Leominster and men digging a flood defence trench.
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Disasters, Surface Water

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