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Birmingham of Yesterday

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Summary information

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Date 1935
Duration 00:18:46
Film type Black & White / Silent
Production Amateur
Genre Documentary
Company Birmingham Photographic Society, Cine Section

A banner marking the centenary of the Market Hall (1835 - 1935) is visible providing a date for the film.

Title details

Summary Film of Birmingham in the 1930s.
Description The film's contents is described by intertitles. The first refers to the Civic Centre af which both interiors and exteriors are shown. This is followed by 'The Main Streets', including the Market Hall and the Bull Ring showing market traders including one selling bananas. Police officers are also seen marching along pavemen. The ones in white are then shown controlling traffic and enabling pedestrians to cross the road. Views of a school building (King Edward's grammar school on New Street?) followed by 'Keeping Fit ' which shows boys exercising outside. The next caption is 'Old Birmingham' and shows timber framed buildings including a shot of the Old Crown pub at Deritend. 'At Play' begins with children in a park and then shows various sport and pastimes including football, sledging, cycling and bell ringing while 'Fire' shows Birmingham fire brigade answering an emergency call and then taking part in a training exercise climbing ladders. Next we see a coal train followed by views of the City of Birmingham power station generating electricity. Finally, 'At Work' shows interiors of factories with people at work including engineering with men and boys operating machines, presses and grinding wheels; factory polishing of small lenses; men pouring metal in a casting works; rolling metal sheets; milk bottling factory; and women with small hand presses producing metal studs.
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Industrial Production, Law Enforcement, Sport, Urban Areas

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