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[Beer: Worcester Floods and Civic Events]

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Date 1961 (Circa)
Duration 00:26:00
Film type Colour / Silent
Production Amateur
Genre Home Movie
Company No Production Companies Specified

Dates of some of the events can be found in The Times: Churchill visited Worcester on 20 May 1950; Princess Elizabeth on 8 June 1951; Princess Margaret on 26 July 1952; and the Queen Mother on 2 November 1961. More scenes of the three Royal visits can be found in other films shot by John Beer. The Princess Elizabeth section is jointly credited to Beer and R.F. Jenkinson.

Title details

Summary A compilation of amateur films shot by John Beer in Worcester covering events from 1947 to 1961.
Description The first section covers floods in Worcester during 1947. We see a high angle shot of the city showing the extent of the water filmed from the Cathedral; then on ground level traffic driving through flood water including several open lorries carrying passengers. We then see a DUKW amphibious vehicle taking to the river next to 'The Old Rectifying House'. The sequence ends with another high angle shot from a different vantage point (probably Worcester Power Station). The next sequence covers the Freedom of Worcester given to Winston Churchill in 1950. We see his arrival at Shrub Hill railway station where he is met by a large crowd and scenes inside the Guildhall where Churchill makes a speech. Churchill is unexpectedly kissed by a young girl at the station and we also see a newspaper headline about the incident. The next section is in colour and shows a visit by Princess Elizabeth in 1951. Crowds wait outside the Guildhall for the royal arrival. We see Elizabeth waving from her car at a large crowd of people (including children with flags) and the motorcade sweeps past the crowd. The next section is an as yet unidentified civic event in which a group of soldiers perform a drill in front of the Guildhall and a dignitary (mayor?) makes a speech. [Colour for the remainder of the reel]. We then see another military event, this time, on the cricket ground in which a band receive new drums. This is followed by a mayoral parade and speeches at the opening of an event (probably the Three Counties Show) and then a visit by Princess Margaret to Worcester in 1952. We see her entering and leaving the Guildhall. We then cut to a 1961 visit by the Queen Mother in which she views a military drill and walks into a building (probably the Royal Grammar School). The final section shows the demolition of a chimney at the Dent and Allcroft glove works in Worcester. We see the chimney (Worcester Cathedral is visible nearby) and see a demolition man packing the base of the chimney with dynamite. The chimney is blown up as a crowd looks on.
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