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[ATV Today: 28.09.1965: Cheltenham Mods and Rockers]

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Date 1965
Duration 00:11:00
Film type Black & White / Sound
Production Professional
Genre Television News
Company ATV

The Rolling Stones played two concerts at the Cheltenham Odeon on 27 September 1965.

Title details

Summary David Lloyd reports from Cheltenham following several nights of disturbances between gangs of young people.
Description We see the exterior of a police station in Cheltenham. In an office David Lloyd interviews a police officer about recent violence between gangs of teenagers in the Montpellier district of Cheltenham. The police man displays several seized weapons. Lloyd next interviews three elderly women who live near to the scene of the trouble on Lansdown Road. The woman are sitting at an outdoor table drinking tea. They are asked if there is enough for teenagers to do. They suggest youth clubs or enjoying the countryside. Next there are vox pops with two more local people - the first describes Cheltenham as "a place to pass the time before you pass-out" and the second calls for the return of the "cat-o'-nine-tails". Lloyd then talks to a group of rockers who give their side of the story: "ten mods beat up a rocker" and separately a group of mods who say that they were "minding their own business when the greasers started causing trouble." One mod adds: "it's all very well doing them but one day they'll do you and that's a bit different." Finally we return to the police officer who talks about a forthcoming concert in the town by the Rolling Stones. We then see shots of the police holding back fans and a car (containing the Rolling Stones) driving away.
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Age Distribution, Law Enforcement, Social Problems, Youth

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