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[ATV Today: 27.05.1970: Skinhead Vandals]

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Date 1970
Duration 00:03:08
Film type Colour / Sound
Production Professional
Genre Television News
Company ATV

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Summary Lionel Hampden interviews people living in a tower block in Walsall who are complaining about vandalism carried out by local skin heads.
Description We see the exterior of a Walsall tower block. Inside graffiti is visible: 'Skins For Ever'. Lionel Hampden interviews the supervisor of cleaning for the council flats who is wary of press coverage of the story because when the local newspaper reported the story the youths returned to the scene. Lionel next tries to interview people living in the flats by shouting up to two women standing on their balconies. He then secures an interview with a group of women who stand with their backs to the camera. They talk about threats to kill made by the skinheads and say that they want a caretaker and police patrols. Finally Lionel interviews a council spokeswoman about the situation.
Credits No Credits Specified
Tags Age Distribution, Housing, Social Problems

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