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[ATV Today: 17.01.1977: Escaped Prisoner's Murders - William Hughes]

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Date 1977
Duration 00:04:55
Film type Colour / Sound
Production Professional
Genre Television News
Company ATV

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Summary Escaped Prisoner's Murders - interview with Donald Sprintall, warder from Leicester Prison, re what happened in the taxi that was taking criminal William Hughes to court when he escaped after attacking the warders and what precautions had been taken
Description before escorting such a dangerous man in this way. Est. shots of Pottery Cottage (snow on ground), scene of the massacre of four membes of the Moran family which were carried out by Hughes after his escape. Est. shots of 'Brett Plastics' Ltd., at Staveley, where victim Richard Moran was forced to drive Hughes and where he stole £100 from Mr. Moran's office.
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